2018-2019 Goals

The State of New York has a Constitutional obligation to provide a sound, basic education to all of its residents. With a current formula that provides neither permanency nor transparency, the State must create a new School Aid Formula that accurately reflects a community’s ability to contribute to the education of its children and then pay the remainder of what is needed to uphold each student’s right to an education.

REFIT will:

  • Pursue an equitable, transparent, and predictable distribution of State Education revenue, utilizing a State Aid Formula that is based on student need.

  • Develop a Legislative platform that is consistent with the needs of our school districts and focus on the flexible use of funds to allow wise stewardship of scarce resources that most accurately reflect local need.

  • Develop the relationships, media contacts, and partnerships necessary to influence State Education Aid policy.

  • Expand recruitment efforts focusing on fiscally challenged districts to create an influential force for needed reform.